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A Corporate Responsibility Opportunity Your Employees Will Love

America’s corporations are taking part in a sweeping movement to preserve the magnificent beauty of our state and national parks. In the process, companies are meeting their social responsibility objectives while providing employees with meaningful and authentic team building opportunities. Through Nature Corps’ award-winning programs, hundreds of employees are teaming up to work, learn and play in intense and unforgettable volunteer expeditions at any of several state and national parks.

Nature Corps invites your company to participate in these unique, back-to-nature working adventures that will enhance employee relationships, foster team building and promote company loyalty. Your employees will receive hands-on training in a dynamic outdoor classroom where volunteerism sets the tone for learning leadership, team building, and communication skills.

Participation in this program will not require any company staff support. Nature Corps provides a turnkey service that multiplies the contribution of each volunteer in the context of team building and personal growth, all while leaving your company’s legacy in our nation’s most cherished public lands.

A Benefit in Support of Our Student Volunteers

Lastly, your company’s participation in Nature Corps’ employee programs serves as a benefit in support of our low-income student volunteers who are eager to leave their personal legacy in the parks.

Employees from the follow companies participate in the Nature Corps program:

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Corporate Partnership Update:

Chevron Volunteers help prevent potentially devastating Yosemite fires

Yosemite National Park–Two weeks before Nature Corps volunteers arrived at White Wolf Campground in Yosemite NP, a fire erupted from a recently usedcampfire ring overflowing with hot embers and ash. Fortunately the fire was quickly extinguished.

Volunteers Examine Yosemite Creek - Copy (2)

Chevron volunteers examine Yosemite Creek water quality

To prevent the possibility of such events occurring again, a group of 25 volunteers from Chevron’s XYZ employee group in Bakersfield joined Nature Corps last weekend in Yosemite. Their goal was to remove ash from the fire rings at the popular Yosemite Creek Campground. Removing the ash is a priority for the park service but there is simply not enough staff to maintain the fire rings. Consequently, the park service relies on volunteers to help out on this critical project. It is a dirty, dusty job, but with the huge number of fires plaguing the West, the volunteers’ efforts are critical to protecting the park from raging fires. By the end of the day, the volunteers hauled away almost two tons of ash.

Another vitally important aspect of this volunteer effort is that it will also minimize the amount of ash that will runoff into Yosemite Creek. If not maintained, the runoff will turn the creek black with ash. With the potentially huge rainfall that is anticipated with the upcoming El Nino, the ash would have washed down into Yosemite Creek completely devastating its fish population and other aquatic life. With the help of Chevron volunteers the creek will be spared this potentially devastating environmental impact.

Chevron employees, in partnership with Nature Corps, have participated on environmental projects in the California’s state and national parks for over 20 years.


Benefits of Sponsorship

Make the greatest impact with your philanthropic/HR investment. The Nature Corps program will benefit your company by:

  • Offering your employees rewarding life experiences as they leave a company legacy in the state and national parks (watch the video)
  • Fostering teambuilding that promotes strong, collaborative relationships by utilizing the WorkTraits Compatibility System
  • Create awareness for the company’s social responsibility efforts through social media, internet marketing and tangible, attention-grabbing PR that these world-renowned parks provide
  • Strengthening government relations by participating in programs supported by park superintendents and congressional and state representatives
  • Promoting stakeholder loyalty by associating the company’s conservation efforts with the public’s affection and concern for our cherished state and national parks
  • Providing trained Nature Corps staff to fully administer and implement the outings requiring no company staff support And, the proceeds from your grant will be used to …
  • Sponsor underserved youth who are who are eager to leave their personal legacy in the National Parks


Levels of Sponsorship

  • $9950 Sponsors a private outing for up to 25 employees (or a combination of employees and their guest/s.)
  • $12500 Sponsors a private outing for up to 25 employees and includes individualized WorkTraits Compatibility Survey for each employee and a professional team building expert to utilize the survey information to maximize the efficiency of your employee teams.

Not only do these sponsorships help you achieve your corporate responsibility objectives and promote team building among your employees, the net proceeds are used to support our low-income student volunteers.

After a festive BBQ dinner there will be an orientation outlining the itinerary for the trip. Afterwards, the employees will gather at a vista point with a breathtaking view of the Sierra Nevada to discuss the outcomes of their individual WorkTraits analysis. They will also participate in the “Friendship Circle”, an interactive activity designed to facilitate group interaction.
The National Park Service welcomes the employees. Safety guidelines are presented. The group is divided into teams to work on various projects. Your employees will play a vital role in restoring critical habitats in the parks. Sample projects include planting trees, revegetation of impacted park habitat, removing non-native flora, gathering seeds of endangered species and working in park nurseries. At lunch the teams regroup to meet with a team building facilitator to discuss their team dynamics during their work time. After dinner, the employees will hike to a beautiful meadow to review their “discoveries” and discuss how to apply those “discoveries” in their workplace. When they return, dessert will be served and various interactive games will be presented to further enhance their relationships and team building experience.
On their last day in the park, the volunteers will participate in a Farewell Ceremony. They will then have the opportunity to stroll through spectacular groves of giant sequoias, hike around meadows teaming with wildflowers, explore Crystal Cave or take a nature walk to other points of interest in the park. The program concludes at 2:00PM, however, volunteers are welcome to stay and enjoy the rest of the day in the park.

Program Services

Nature Corps handles all aspects of implementing your company outing and provides the following services:

  • Employee Recruitment Programs
  • Experienced Nature Corps Team Leaders
  • Full Logistical Support and Camping Gear
  • Exquisite Gourmet Meals
  • Selection of T-Shirts, Hats, Sweatshirts & Other Custom Apparel
  • Professional Team Building Experts
  • Onsite Photographers and Videographers
  • Media & Public Relations
  • Articles for Internal Publications
  • Guided Nature & Photography Tours
  • Recreation Equipment


Comments made by Corporate volunteers on past expeditions:

“There is something to do for everyone. I couldn’t climb up and down the hill so I found a job cutting wire and preparing the chain link fence to protect the oak seedlings from grazing deer and elk. I have lots of blisters and its hard work, but it’s not every day that you get to be a part of helping nature. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is our vacation this year for the two of us. It’s been wonderful. I think it is great that our company made this possible for us.”
–Chris H.


“Its been a great time planting these trees with a lot of other employees. I never spend time with these people outside of work. It’s great getting together and doing something worthwhile, something that will last and something that is good for the environment. It’s been fun having my wife and son here with me and seeing them taking part in this important project.”
— David W.


“Its been a lot of hard work and sweat … and very worthwhile. It’s been great working with the employees and getting to know them better. This means a lot to me, to be out here doing something for the next generation. I appreciate the opportunity to work with The Nature Corps and that our employer has made it possible for me to come out here and be a part of this project. It’s been a time that has been very meaningful for my son and I.”
— Pat. H.