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Yosemite Volunteer & Culinary Weekend

  • Destination: Yosemite National Park
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Dates: Multiple tours between 06/22/2018 - 09/24/2017
  • Packages starting at: $195

(Dates: June 22-24, Sept 21-23. only $195 with employer matching gift.) Yosemite is breathtaking – grand in scale, draped in brilliant sky, dominated by glacial peaks and thunderous waterfalls. As part of this volunteer vacation you will learn about the geological, biological and cultural forces that have interacted to create this iconic national park.

You will also have a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes and work alongside park biologists to preserve Yosemite’s rare and threatened ecosystems.

Half of this outdoor adventure will be devoted to volunteering on important conservation and maintenance projects. During the other half, you’ll enjoy a variety of recreational activities as you explore some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

Invite friends and family to join you on this truly memorable and rewarding vacation.

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Celebrate Summer in Yosemite with food and wine!

Help preserve Yosemite’s native flora and world-renowned resources while enjoying the park’s fall colors. To capture Yosemite’s scenic wonders volunteers will be taking a variety of  VIP hikes and photography nature walks.

Day 1
Your excursion begins in the heart of Yosemite Valley. After settling in, we will enjoy a festive dinner and meet with park staff for an overview of our upcoming adventure. Afterwards, we will hike to Mirror Lake Meadow to get an incredible view of Half Dome, one of the most dramatic displays of granite formation in the Sierra Nevada. After our hike, we’ll gather around the evening campfire to savor one of our chef’s delectable desserts.
Day 2
Today we will meet with park staff to work on our project. By mid-afternoon we will be back at camp relaxing to a wine pairing and cooking demonstration. You will get close and personal with our extraordinary chefs as they prepare exquisite meals for us to enjoy surrounded by Yosemite’s breathtaking glacial domes. After dinner, we’ll drive up to Glacier Point where we will enjoy a spectacular view of the Valley at sunset.
Day 3
After waking up to the savory aromas of a hearty breakfast, we will prepare for our day in the field. Today we will enjoy a photography workshop and nature walks to capture Yosemite’s scenic wonders. As part of the tour we will head out to photograph spectacular Yosemite Falls, the tallest waterfall in North America.  To conclude this rewarding voluntour, we will gather at a tranquil site along Yosemite Creek for our Farewell Ceremony. 

Celebrating Yosemite’s Granite Cathedrals

This 3-day getaway highlights Yosemite’s breathtaking granite formations. To celebrate the park’s remarkable beauty, photography workshops and organized nature walks will be available to help you enjoy and capture these awe-inspiring cathedrals of shining granite .


    • June 22-24, 2018 Project: Yosemite Valley meadow restoration (12 spots left)
    • Sept 21-23, 2018 Project: Tree planting in Yosemite Valley (10 spots left)
    • Fall, 2018 Project: To be announced

You will also enjoy guided tours to waterfalls, glacial lakes, and alpine meadows, and have many great photo opportunities!

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Volunteer Project

Nature Corps’ volunteer programs began in Yosemite Valley in 1987. Since then hundreds of volunteers have donated their labor on a variety of important conservation and maintenance projects, including:

  • Restoring impacted habitat, revegetation projects, collecting seeds & propagating native flora
  • Rehabilitating campgrounds that have been damaged by overuse
  • Restoring Yosemite’s antiquated buildings and other park structures

Volunteers will help on projects similar to those listed above. Work locations and volunteer assignments vary depending on project status and the needs of park staff.

Fun and Play

After experiencing the personal rewards of contributing to the preservation of this magnificent natural treasure, our experienced naturalists will lead you on a variety of recreational activities including hiking, fishing, strolling on moonlight nature walks, visiting picturesque meadows or picnicking alongside a stunning glacial lake in the High Sierra.


No need to bring your food, and pots and pans. Our cooks will pamper you with delicious and festive meals. Each morning you will rise to the wonderful aromas of coffee and a hearty breakfast. After a full day of exploring the great outdoors, you will satisfy your appetite on deli-style picnics and the savory aromas of hearty dinners prepared by our talented chefs. (We jokingly say that people come back on our outings just for the food!)

Tent and Equipment Rentals

If you do not have camping gear or simply do not want to travel with gear you can rent the equipment at the following rates:

  • Tent (6 person), $75
  • Tent (4 person), $45
  • Full length cot, $15
  • Camping chair, $5

Email for equipment availability..

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Reviews from past participants:

“Dave and I really enjoyed ourselves this weekend in Yosemite with the volunteers. I felt a bit guilty to receive so much and give so little. Thank you so very much for all your dedication and hard work in organizing these events. We are very blessed to have people like you, big Jeff and Katlyn to help care for our natural wonders. We’ll plan to participate again in the near future.”


“Before the weekend, we had looked forward to being outdoors and contributing at least a little something to one of our national treasures.  The three days surpassed our expectations on all counts: the beauty, the photography learning experience, the meals and especially the comradery of people with like interests.  Many thanks for making this all possible for us.”

Cliff and Jerilyn

“I had such a good time meeting you [crew leaders] and the rest of the group.  What a great way to experience the beauty of Yosemite!!  This past weekend really re-fueled my spirit and reminded me how much I love being in the outdoors.  I’m eternally grateful and hope to make it on another Nature Corps trip in the future.

Thanks for the work you do and for creating a platform that makes it possible for us to give back to the parks.  I feel uniquely connected to Yosemite now – more so than just from a casual visit.  So thank you again…  All the best.”


“Amazing experience, Mark! Thank you for the opportunity to volunteer with such a terrific group in the beautiful setting that is Yosemite in Autumn. I look forward to returning with my Chevron colleagues to support the Nature Corps!”


“I am clearly addicted to Nature Corps and simply cannot get enough!!! Anthony and I would love to come up with you guys to Yosemite in May.”


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What the Yosemite Package Includes

This volunteer vacation package includes:

  • Entrance fees
  • Camping fees
  • Delicious meals prepared by our outdoor chefs
  • Photography workshop
  • VIP Nature Walks
  • Nature Corps T-Shirt
  • Nature Corps Water Bottle

You are responsible for bringing your tent and personal gear. After registering, you will receive a Welcome Packet with a list of personal items you will need to bring and other information to help you prepare for the outing. You can also rent camping gear. Click on the “Dates & Information” tab for rates and availability.

Please Note: Proceeds from your volunteer vacation tuition and employer matching gift will be used to support our Student Volunteer program. For that reason, a portion of your tuition is tax deductible.

Accommodation    Package Price per person
  • Catered Camping (June 22-24 weekend outing)
$295 ($195 w/employer’s matching gift)
  • Catered Camping (Sept 21-23 weekend outing)
$295 ($195 w/employer’s matching gift)
  • Catered Camping (Fall Color weekend Date TBD)
$295 ($195 w/employer’s matching gift)