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Yosemite Volunteer & Culinary Weekend

  • Destination: Yosemite National Park
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Dates: Multiple tours between 06/22/2018 - 09/24/2017
  • Packages starting at: $195

(2018 Dates: June 22-24, Sept 21-23. only $195 with employer matching gift.) Check out images of our 2017 voluntour. Yosemite is breathtaking – grand in scale, draped in brilliant sky, dominated by glacial peaks and thunderous waterfalls. As part of this volunteer vacation, you will learn about the geological, biological and cultural forces that have interacted to create this iconic national park.

You will also have a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes and work alongside park biologists to preserve Yosemite’s rare and threatened ecosystems.

Half of this outdoor adventure will be devoted to volunteering on important conservation and maintenance projects. During the other half, you’ll enjoy a variety of recreational activities as you explore some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

Invite friends and family to join you on this truly memorable and rewarding vacation.

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