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Stay Connected!

Energize your team after COVID-19

Reconnect your employees as they build a company 

legacy in our world-renowned National Parks.

A Team Building Opportunity Your Employees Will Love

COVID-19 has forced your employees indoors and isolated from their peers. Communication and personal connections have suffered. Now that restrictions are being lifted, give your employees the opportunity to frolic and refresh in the great outdoors.

America’s corporations are moving past COVID to re-energize their workforce all while preserving the magnificent beauty of our state and national parks. In the process, companies are refocusing their commitment to their social responsibility objectives and providing employees with meaningful and authentic team building opportunities. Through Nature Corps’ award-winning programs, hundreds of employees are teaming up to work, learn and play in intense and unforgettable volunteer expeditions at any of several state and national parks.

Nature Corps invites your company to participate in these unique, back-to-nature working adventures that will rejuvinate employee relationships, foster team building and promote company loyalty. Your employees will receive hands-on training in a dynamic outdoor classroom where volunteerism sets the tone for learning leadership, team building, and communication skills.

Participation in this program will not require any company staff support. Nature Corps provides a turnkey service that multiplies the contribution of each volunteer in the context of team building and personal growth, all while leaving your company’s legacy in our nation’s most cherished public lands.


Too busy to organize your employees? No worries. We’ll handle every aspect of recruiting and implementing an exciting and dynamic employee outing.


It’s more than volunteering, it’s a team building event that will re-energize your employees! Culinary treats, wine pairing, photography/nature walks, all to help your employees savor this rewarding national park experience.


This is like no other experience. You will come for an employee retreat, and leave a company legacy in one of our magnificent, world-renown national parks.

A Benefit in Support of Our Student Volunteers

Lastly, your company’s participation in Nature Corps’ employee programs serves as a benefit in support of our low-income student volunteers who are eager to leave their personal legacy in the parks.

It’s an experience that will leave you with a lifetime of memories and personal rewards .

How can you make the greatest impact with your philanthropic and HR investment? Benefits of partnering with The Nature Corps include:

  • Offering your employees rewarding life experiences as they leave a company legacy in the state and national parks
  • Fostering team-building that promotes strong, collaborative relationships
  • Promoting stakeholder loyalty by associating the company’s conservation efforts with the public’s affection and concern for our cherished state and national parks
  • Strengthening government relations by participating in programs supported by park superintendents and congressional and state representatives
  • Creating awareness for the company’s social responsibility efforts through social media, internet marketing and tangible, attention-grabbing PR that these world-renowned parks attract
  • Providing trained Nature Corps staff to fully administer and implement the outings requiring no company staff support 
  • And, the proceeds from your grant will be used sponsor under-served youth who are who are eager to leave their personal legacy in the National Parks
  • Have never been camping
  • Dont have the gear or experience
  • Too busy to make plans or prepare the logistics
  • Find it impossible to reserve a campsite
  • Have no one to go with
  • Don't know of a reliable agency to work with

Two Levels of Sponsorship

Private Employee Outings


Per Employee*

Team Building Outings 


Per Employees

Includes a professional team building expert to maximize the efficiency of your employee teams.

Not only do these sponsorship's help you achieve your corporate responsibility objectives and promote team building among your employees, the net proceeds are used to support our low-income student volunteers.

*per employee as well as their guest/s.

Registration fees do not include transportation to or in the park


Day 1

After a festive BBQ dinner there will be an orientation outlining the itinerary for the trip. Afterwards, the employees will gather at a vista point with a breathtaking view of the Sierra Nevada to discuss the outcomes of their individual WorkTraits analysis. They will also participate in the “Friendship Circle”, an interactive activity designed to facilitate group interaction.

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