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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Nature Corps? The Nature Corps is a nonprofit volunteer conservation organization that has been bringing volunteers into California’s national and state parks since 1987. Our award-winning partnership with the National Park Service has made it possible for people like you to help out a number of important conservation projects.
  • What kinds of projects will we work on? For the most part, the projects focus on restoring impacted and threatened habitat. Activities include removing invasive non-indigenous vegetation, gathering seeds, propagating native flora in the park nursery, revegetation and out-planting to restore these treasured natural wonders.
  • What are the accommodations? We will be camping in a secluded base camp reserved exclusively for volunteers. You are responsible for bringing your own camping gear, or you can rent the gear from us inexpensively. Restrooms and showers are nearby.
  • What essential items do I need to bring? Sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat to protect your face, sunglasses, canteen, and work gloves. Once you have registered for the volunteer vacation, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to a detailed list of what to bring along with extensive information on how to prepare for the voluntour and travel to the park
  • Is transportation provided to the park? Volunteers drive to the park in their own vehicles. We encourage families, friends and employees to carpool.
  • Do we have to bring food? No, Nature Corps chefs will provide hearty and delicious meals. The meals will be cuisine from around the world, including Asia, Latin America and of course the US of A!
  • When do we arrive at the park? You can register as early as 4pm on the first day of your voluntour. The voluntour concludes on at 2pm on the last day in the park.
  • How long will we work? Participants will volunteer for 6 hours on the first day, and depending on the urgency of the project, a half day of work will follow.
  • Will we have an opportunity to explore the park? Nature Corps staff will be leading volunteers on short hikes and photography/educational nature walks. These activities will take place in the late afternoons and early evenings after dinner. There will also be time to explore the park on your own.
  •  Can I bring my children? Children of all ages are welcome. Kids under the age of 8 attend for free.
  • I have played a musical instrument for a number of years. Can I bring it along? Yes, we would love to hear you play around the campfire!
  • Are there places to fish? Yes, we typically camp by rivers or streams. Don’t forget your fishing license!