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Welcome Chevron Employees

Sequoia Voluntour

Make Friends. Make Memories. Make A Difference.  

Go behind the scenes to preserve Sequoia’s world-renowned resources

and become Sequoia's most esteemed VIP (Volunteer In Parks)


- Ruth. H


Too busy to pack your gear? No worries. You’ll have the option to have everything ready when you arrive.


It’s more than volunteering. You will also enjoy educational nature walks to help you savor the Yosemite experience.


This is like no other experience. You will come for a volunteer weekend, but leave the legacy of a lifetime.

It’s an experience that will leave you with a lifetime of memories and personal rewards .

What makes Nature Corps so Different?

Taking a Sequoia voluntour is truly one of the most memorable experiences you can have. While a majority of organizations focus solely on volunteering, our award-winning program places equal emphasis on education as well as volunteering. Our greatest desire is to provide you with a well-rounded and fulfilling experience as you leave your personal legacy in this spectacular natural wonder.

For over 30 years, Nature Corps has designed voluntours with you in mind. We make all the arrangements so that you don’t have to. Our goal is to provide you with a dynamic excursion that will leave you with new friends and a lifetime of cherished memories of this multi-faceted outdoor experience.

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Our all-inclusive voluntours give you the opportunity to go behind the scenes with park staff to help preserve Sequoia’s fragile ecosystems. You will meet quality people, who like you, are eager to leave their personal legacies in this world-renowned natural treasures. Led by Nature Corps staff, these professionally guided voluntours help the National Park Service achieve critical conservation projects that are too large to complete without volunteer support.

Approximately half of the voluntour is devoted to preserving these national treasures, while the rest of the expedition is set aside for enjoying the park. Our experienced naturalists will lead you on a variety of recreational activities including photography/nature walks, fishing, strolling on moonlight walks though the Giant Forest, exploring the caverns in Crystal Cave, visiting picturesque meadows or picnicking alongside a stunning glacial lake in the High Sierra. After a full day of exploring the great outdoors, you will enjoy cooking demonstrations and wine pairings as you prepare to satisfy your appetite on the savory aromas and hearty dishes prepared by our talented chefs. These exciting voluntours can be part of a rewarding experience that will provide family and friends with a lifetime of cherished memories.

Why Sequoia needs you.

Sequoia faces a multi-million dollar backlog of important conservation projects. To address this critical issue, the National Park Service turns to agencies such as Nature Corps to recruit and organize volunteer groups to tackle the most urgent projects. Your participation will help the National Park Service achieve critical conservation projects that are too large to complete without volunteer support.

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Currently, Nature Corps has teamed up with the Park Service to rehabilitate Sequoia’s beautiful sequoia groves. Giant Sequoias have a root ball that extends over two acres, yet its roots are only 3-4 feet below the surface. Because of the impact resulting from the foot traffic of over one million visitors per year, it is critical that these ancient trees and their surrounding habitat are protected. Through our Sequoia voluntours, you will have a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes and work alongside park biologists to preserve these world-renown ecosystems. Your involvement is vital to the protection of the region’s wildlife and to the preservation of this iconic national park. Join us today!

What is included in the voluntour

Program contributions include park entrance fees, camping fees, all meals, the chefs, nature guides, educational nature walks, and Nature Corps t-shirt and water bottle.

Your contributions are tax-deductible and are used to support our veteran and           low-income student volunteers.

Employee Registration

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Guest Registration

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Registration fees do not include transportation to or in the park

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September 15-17, 2023

Sequoia, CA

A Welcome Packet with voluntour information will be sent in a confirmation email after you’ve registered.

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  • Day 2

  • Day 3


Day 1

Your excursion begins at our secluded base camp in the heart of Sequoia National Park. After settling in, we will enjoy a festive dinner and meet with park staff for an overview of our upcoming adventure in Sequoia. Afterwards, we will hike into the world-renowned Giant Forest to get an incredible view of the General Sherman sequoia, the largest living tree on earth. This great tree is now estimated to be around 2300 years old and still "growing like a teenager". It is 275 feet tall and is 36 feet in diameter at the base. After our hike, we'll gather around the evening campfire to savor one of our chef's delectable desserts.

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