A 30-Year Conservation Legacy

Make Friends. Make Memories. Make A Difference.  

The Nature Corps is the premier national network of volunteers dedicated to education through the preservation of America’s Parks.

A Youth Stewardship and STEM Opportunity Your Students Will Love

Nature Corps collaborates with park agencies and various youth organizations to utilize the awe-inspiring beauty of our parks to impact low-income youth. The goal of the program is to instill the students with an appreciation for nature and encourage them to serve as stewards of our public lands

To achieve these objectives The Nature Corps implements the following components:


Over the course of the outing, we showcase a number of fulfilling careers in conservation, Introducing the youth to exciting outdoor recreational opportunities


It’s more than volunteering, it’s a hands-on educational program that will leave your students with life long memories! It's STEM with a cause.


This is like no other experience. Your students will come for a week of STEM and volunteer, but leave the legacy of a lifetime.

Program Objectives

Convincing most young people to do hard physical work for several days on behalf of the common good is an ethic that is foreign to most nowadays. But by combining volunteering with “insider” environmental education and recreation, a package is created that has proven irresistible to all but a few. Each and every expedition produces tangible results— trees planted, habitat restored or meadow reestablished. These outcomes spell success for every member on the team, and most look forward to on-going interaction with their contribution to the environment.

It’s an experience that will leave you with a lifetime of memories and personal rewards .

Make the greatest impact with your philanthropic and HR investment. Sponsor employee outing and support low-income student volunteers. 

The benefits of partnering with The Nature Corps include:

  • Offering your employees rewarding life experiences as they leave a company legacy in the state and national parks
  • Fostering team-building that promotes strong, collaborative relationships by utilizing the WorkTraits Compatibility System
  • Providing trained Nature Corps staff to fully administer and implement the outings requiring no company staff support And, the proceeds from your grant will be used sponsor under-served youth who are who are eager to leave their personal legacy in the National Parks
  • Strengthening government relations by participating in programs supported by park superintendents and congressional and state representatives
  • Create awareness for the company’s social responsibility efforts through social media, internet marketing and tangible, attention-grabbing PR that these world-renowned parks provide
  • Promoting stakeholder loyalty by associating the company’s conservation efforts with the public’s affection and concern for our cherished state and national parks
  • Have never been camping
  • Dont have the gear or experience
  • Too busy to make plans or prepare the logistics
  • Find it impossible to reserve a campsite
  • Have no one to go with
  • Don't know of a reliable agency to work with

Participation Cost

STEM Student Outings


Per Student*

Not only do these sponsorship's help you achieve your corporate responsibility objectives and promote team building among your employees, the net proceeds are used to support our low-income student volunteers.

*Up to 25 employees or a combination of employees and their guest/s.

Registration fees do not include transportation to or in the park


Day 1

Your excursion begins at our secluded base camp in the heart of Sequoia National Park. After settling in, we will enjoy a festive dinner and meet with park staff for an overview of our upcoming adventure in Sequoia. Afterwards, we will hike into the world-renowned Giant Forest to get an incredible view of the General Sherman sequoia, the largest living tree on earth. This great tree is now estimated to be around 2300 years old and still "growing like a teenager". It is 275 feet tall and is 36 feet in diameter at the base. After our hike, we'll gather around the evening campfire to savor one of our chef's delectable desserts.