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Do you want to make a difference, but life keeps getting in the way?

  • Don’t know how to get started?
  • Will my efforts really make a lasting difference?
  • Have you never been camping?
  • Don’t have the gear or experience?
  • You don’t have the time to make plans or prepare the logistics?
  • Is it too hard to reserve a campsite?
  • Don’t have anyone to go with?
  • Don’t want to just be a tourist.
  • Is it all work and no play?
  • Don’t want to settle for camp food.
  • Will there be marshmallows?
  • Have never been camping
  • Dont have the gear or experience
  • Too busy to make plans or prepare the logistics
  • Find it impossible to reserve a campsite
  • Have no one to go with
  • Don’t know of a reliable agency to work with

The Nature Corps provides award winning, all-inclusive volunteer vacations, enabling people like you to make a difference.

For over 30 year, Nature Corps, a nonprofit volunteer organization, has provided award winning, all-inclusive volunteer culinary vacations enabling people like you to make a significant difference in the parks that you love. Our volunteer vacations support the growing need for preservation and rehabilitation of fragile wilderness ecosystems within our national and state parks. Join us to leave your personal legacy in these world-renowned natural treasures. 

Taking a Nature Corps voluntour is also a way of “paying it forward.” The proceeds from your program contribution make it possible for low-income students and military couples to volunteer in the parks.

Let us take you behind the scenes with the National Park Service as you help preserve rare and fragile ecosystems. You will meet quality people who, like yourself, are eager to leave their personal legacies in these world-renowned natural treasures. Led by Nature Corps staff, these professionally guided voluntours enable you to work alongside park staff on critical conservation projects that simply couldn’t happen without volunteer support.

For over 30 years, The Nature Corps has helped more than 8,000 people like you to make a lasting difference in the parks they love. Because of our dedicated volunteers, we have been able to tackle critical conservartion projects, such as preserving the largest living organism on earth, planting over 20,000 trees, protecting threatened rainforest, and collectively donating labor on projects valued over $10,000,000.

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The accomplishments of Nature Corps volunteers have been recognized with numerous state and federal awards, including a Congressional “Take Pride” Award, and the Hartzog Pacific West Region Award, one of the highest recognitions the park service can bestow on a nonprofit partner. As our partnership with the park service has grown, they have come to rely on Nature Corps volunteers to help them complete high priority conservation projects. Without your participation, many critical projects will remain incomplete.

The Nature Corps handles all the logistics of your next volunteer vacation, making it easier for you to get there, give back, and experience the great outdoors. We make all the arrangements so that you don’t have to. Our award-winning volunteer vacations are led by experienced staff who insure that you see all the parks have to offer. Approximately half of the voluntour is devoted to conservation, while the rest of the tour is set aside for outdoor adventure. Our experienced naturalists will lead you on a variety of recreational activities including photography/nature walks, fishing, strolling on moonlight walks, visiting picturesque meadows or picnicking alongside a stunning glacial lake in the High Sierra.

On top of that, we refuse to settle for typical camping food. Instead, we bring up trained chefs to prepare exquisite cuisine and wine pairings that satisfy your appetite after an exhilarating day. As night falls, you can enjoy sit around the campfire roasting marshmallows, making new friends, and enjoying many heartfelt laughs.

Nature Corps also offers specialty programs specifically designed for families and veterans. Additionally, we provide teambuilding outings where employees come together to leave a company legacy in our cherished national parks.

In 1987 when Nature Corps responded to a Presidential Commission calling for park volunteers, the backlog of projects was approximately $5 billion. Since then the backlog has climbed to an astonishing $11 billion.The National Parks and their dedicated volunteers have always served as a crucial model in the push for conservation worldwide. Now more than ever, our parks need volunteers like you to join in the conservation campaign, and in the process learn that volunteerism is a profoundly meaningful way to enjoy the parks to their fullest.

Let The Nature Corps take you there.

It’s an experience that will leave you with a lifetime of memories and personal rewards .


– Ruth. H


Too busy to pack your gear? No worries. You’ll have the option to have everything ready when you arrive.


It’s more than volunteering, it’s a vacation too! Culinary treats, wine pairing, photography, nature walks, all to help you savor the Yosemite experience.


This is like no other experience. You will come for a volunteer weekend, but leave the legacy of a lifetime.

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